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AIR/HMC International Artists Residencies and 9 X 12, Budapest exhibition

Opening reception: May 26 at 7:00pm
May 26 - June 19, 2011
Ferencvarosi PinceGallery
IX. Mester u. 5. Budapest 1095

Exhibiting artists (works in a variety of media)
Heather Lauren Klein, CA * Catherine Nicolas, FR * Kathleen Pompe, SC * Holly Streekstra, IN * Stacey R. Wexler, CA
Kelly Jo Asbury, KY * Jerry Atnip, TN * Krysten Bailey, TX * Mara Baker, IL * Stephen Barnwell, NY * Bezeredy Melinda Barwanietz, D * Monique Janssen-Belitz, NM * Micah Bloom, MN * Antonina Bobkova, Ukraine * Lemia Bodden, NY * Pip Brant, FL * Gloria DeFilipps Brush, MN * Kary Calabrese, IL * M. Carla Carr, IL * Virginia Cassetta, NY * Erica Cassill, LA * Woori Cho, IL * Tim Clark, NY * Benjy Davies, OH * Spike Dennis, UK * Francine Ditton, FL * Jasna Dragun, Croata * Anda Dubinskis, PA * Gary Duehr, MA * Richard Elaver, NC * Chad Erpelding, ID * Ken General, TX * Scott Groeniger, HI * Nadide Gürcüoğlu, Turkey * David Hamlow, MN * Susan Harmon, KS * Stephanie Harvey, PA * Abner Hershberger, IN * Howard Heyman, NJ * Antoaneta Hillman, TX * Sabina Šiler Hudoklin, SLO * Bruce Humphries, PA * Josephine Coy, UK * Paul Karabinis, FL * Jack King, TX * Sandra C. Langley, NJ * Andrea LeBeau, IL * Monika Lederbauer, A * Nazafarin Lotfi, IL * Ryan Mandell, ID * Martyna Matusiak, PA * Clayton McClain, MO * Daniel McCormack, NY * Robin McGuire, WI * Anya Antonovych Metcalf, IL * Jeff Murphy, NC * Jennifer Nelson, ND * Michael A. Nichols, KY * Aaron Oldenburg, MD * Othermind Collective (Emily DiCarlo, WJ Wilson, Jacqui Arntfield), CAN * Nataliya Petkova, CAN * Carol Quint, NY * Victoria Goro-Rapoport, NE * Perry Rath, CAN * Alice Raymond, FR * Areca Roe, MN * Steven Rubin, PA * Roland Ruisz-D * Richard Saxton, CO * Leah Schreiber, WI * Judith Love Schwab, VA * JPriscilla A. Smith, PA * Forrest Solis, AZ * Magnus Stark, CA * Frances Valesco, CA * Regina Valluzzi, MA * Melanie Berry Vasa, NJ * Zelda Zinn, CA * Chi Wah Man, Hong Kong * Anne Wedler, AL * Mary Weidner, PA * Barbara Westman, PA *

Opening remarks by Peter Baky
Curator: Beata Szechy - HMC

The exhibition supported by The National Cultural Foundation and District IX. Cultural Department

The HMC is an artist run, non-profit, multi-disciplinary arts organization dedicated to excellence, experimentation, and education in all forms of contemporary art and culture.  The AIR-HMC’s mission to bridge cultural, geographic, and linguistic divides by bringing people together through the arts in order to foster a greater understanding of world cultures.

The mission of the HMC is to support artists and strengthen the arts in their vital role in the lives of people and communities.  Our goal is to inform and educate the community at large through cross-cultural exchange, provide an opportunity for international artists to work and exhibit in Hungary, and provide the artists with a supportive environment and uninterrupted time to work during the residency.

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Dear Beata,

congratulate the organization of the exhibition, I was glad because I was a participant. I wish you all the best for the future and more good shows.

With respect,

Jasna Dragun

Hi Jasna, Thank you for the kind words, and to be part of the 9X12, Budapest exhibit.  Our next group show is The Library Thoughts.  Opening on August 24th.

I wish you a successful exhibition, Beata!!!

I would like to have a catalog, as well as written evidence.

Cordially, Jasna

I am so very busy this time, I sent the video and article listed, you did not get it?

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