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* the largest business communities worldwide .*

* * CAGORA is a cumunitate business world, which includes all *
the world *. In the participating countries, and cities are present,
counties, municipalities, will be local pages (USA Example access if you
see the components). Each has different web page, where you can
your profile, all your afecerile, all interests, all of
your interests. * Is * a generous opportunity for promotion and
online advertising.

. As access to more places in the world become a member of the community
question, and * you make known in the world. you will know all
world .*

Can access on the continent, the countries on localities. **

* Sign up here *, complete your profile, with all interested, and

provide whatever activity you care to be public (compulsory and
picture), then explore the * WORLD *.

You'll surprise the world are displayed continents, countries
, ......... Give towns simply click "join community" and become immediately
member of the community respective.Se your display profile, where you can *
* promote anything, even business, to be known in the entire world.

CAGORA * * means *, C *= community (community) * *= Agora market in Greece
place where ancient trade.

* *

* To receive registration * * * 2 points for those who register
the link you * still * 2 points for each, which is registered at
tai direct partners, and others after they register, by 1 *
point *

Items collected are taken in calculating the bonus which will
be paid .* No data will not coast anything *, just to look and
others, this opportunity.

* * It can be recommended for other businesses, companies, entrepreneurs, shops
online, etc., can profit from maximum publicity worldwide.

Depending on the points accumulate compensates 50% of turnover (divided into
according to score)

* * CAGORA is a system of Loyalty which means more rewards.

* Another reward system is the founders .*

Besides that each of us, who are founders CAGORA * * first
10,000 partners who advise in their network, most partners
will be rewarded with 100,000 points of distribution according to
their recommendations. For these and additional points will be quarterly
grant and additional bonus payments * * so it is still a source of gain
* FREE *.

* You * to popularize and promote the fliers made by you
displayed in the most circulated, such as shops, stations
vehicles, windows, public relations, to learn more
world. * * You can send offers by e-mail, communities, shops,
companies, etc., to join their affairs, and not as individuals.

* Offer sponsored companies you are extra bonuses .*

* This beautiful, soon will become a reality .*

* It launches in April 2009 * 30

To make a small inroad into the future ..... showing your profile, access
every continent, country, city, town, and become a member of
community (FREE), your profile will appear all over, all bids

* It may be a greater publicity and efficient than that? *

* *

* For example: *

Enter "Antartctica" ... is far from your place of residence .... but
Your profile is there. We see a whole world where you live, what
do, * * what you offer, what you are looking for. Not to mention the chance of your
develop their business worldwide.

What can I say that we do not have much money, but work in places
where they pay well. Since this will be a lot of money.!

* Demand and supply market worldwide is now at ** your fingertips! Speed
you enjoy it depends on you and those who provide
this huge opportunity! *

* And place your business here! *

* *

* We are partners on the list again soon! *

* *

* Good luck! *


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