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Here are some points to note:


I have opted for exhibiting high Class copies Digitally Mastered and Printed on canvas. This has certain valid reasons.


1)    These being copies, we are assured that the original is safe and in the owner’s custody.

2)    These copies need not be brought back home. The cost of bringing back is about the same as making a new digital one.


Why originals are not a good bet in the digital world of today.


1)    They require elaborate packaging for shipping

2)    They will require insurance cover

3)    They cannot be left or given away. They have to be brought back home. The entire logistics for the above is complicated and expensive.

4)    The cost of shipping and transport back and forth can be huge. For example sending an original to Denmark and getting it back would be around Rs 16000 all told.

5) Customs clearances are another problem


Many people feel that copies can be made digitally etc and their work is not safe.

1)    Once your original painting is exposed, today’s cameras can easily copy and replicate. So you are not safe anyway.

2)    Artists all over the world are making copies regularly of great masters and selling. You can’t stop these duplicators

3)    Most of you are posting your works on Group sites all over the world. You are already exposed. So, what and who is protecting you there?


The whole music and publishing industry is suffering from the threat of duplication. New tactics and methods have to be found to achieve sales and renown. We need to rethink our approach to marketing and exhibiting ourselves.

If you look back and note even today artists and photographers sell their work thru greetings and travel postcards. I feel there is more money to be made in selling selected digital copies. Finding buyers in this world of millions of artists that are making themselves available through the digital media is no joke.

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