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Open Competititon in Luxembourg ( and Galeries Clairefontaine

CULTUREINSIDE.COM launches an international call to artists for entries. On June 25th 2009, CULTUREINSIDE.COM and GALERIE CLAIREFONTAINE will inaugurate an art exhibition entitled "ROOTED". The show will consist of works by artists chosen competitively by a curatorial committee. 30 finalists will be selected, among them several winners. Winners will exhibit their work in GALERIE CLAIREFONTAINE, LUXEMBOURG; the remaining finalists will showcase their art in the online version of the show on They will also be part of the online catalogue. A public prize will be voted by the online community. More prizes could be added.

CULTUREINSIDE (CI) is an online social network for the arts community. It was founded as an artist's initiative by a core group of arts and web professionals without external funding or capital. After a research and beta phase the site launched in 2008.

CULTUREINSIDE is an innovative affinity-based website for contemporary artists, photographers, art students, members of the art & culture world - collectors, curators, museums, galleries, teachers, art buyers as well as their friends. Interested members of the public are also welcome. Although designed for artists to communicate with each other, share work and build community, we welcome members of the public with a deep interest in art.

CULTUREINSIDE is a European initiative coming from the heart of Europe in Luxembourg. We connected Europe to New York in 2008, opening an office and expert staff connected to academic and commercial art world in New York, (phase 1). Our primary focus is the Grand Region. We want to improve the visibility for local artists, and artists of the European Union by focusing on the upcoming cultural efforts in the EU Member States and new candidates as so many cultural initiatives are emerging in those countries. CI is convinced that artists should be connected globally, cooperating and sharing information and projects.

The special requirements of the visual arts have not been addressed until now. Artists need several levels of communication and exhibition interface to properly show their work and connect with other artists. This worldwide group is international in spirit and has a strong impetus to connect. This leads us to offer exhibitions and organize calls and contests. (CULTUREINSIDE LUXEMBOURG Gila Paris)
Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg

Galerie Clairefontaine, Epace 1, was founded in 1988. It started out with Austrian classic modern painters like Oscar Kokoschka, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele and then continued to show primarily international contemporary painting, sculpture, and photography. In 1997 Galerie Clairefontaine, Espace 2, a second space, was inaugurated with the aim to promote photography and show cutting edge positions in contemporary art.

Both galleries are situated in the very heart of the historical center of Luxembourg City, surrounded by the government and only a few steps away from the Museums and the Palace of the Grand Duke.
Parallel to the exhibition program, Dr. Marita Ruiter has started a number of long-term projects, e.g.
- the annual Luxembourg photo-festival called "photomeetings Luxembourg",
- the ongoing photo-series of a group of Luxembourg people "Luxembourg portraits",
- as well as the paining project "The portrait society".

Galerie Clairefontaine developed to one of the leading galleries in the Interregion. Well established and well known in the European art market the gallery offers best professional visibility to its artists. Founded and run by Dr. Marita Ruiter, the gallery is well known as innovative, committed to an exploration of new art as well as promoting emerging artists.
THE EXHIBTION : ROOTED: An international art exhibition in Luxembourg presented by and Galerie Clairefontaine.

The innovative approach of Galerie Clairefontaine favors the program of CULTUREINSIDE exhibitions starting in 2009 in Luxembourg-city with the Première of ROOTED.

ROOTED - An introduction by Frank Shifreen, NEW YORK

On June 25th 2009, CULTUREINSIDE.COM and Galerie Clairefontaine will inaugurate an international art exhibition entitled "Rooted". The show will consist of works by artists chosen competitively by a curatorial committee. The theme of the exhibition is an investigation, a visualization, a materialization or conceptualization of the term "rooted". What is formative, grounding, or sustaining, for us as women, men, artists or citizens? What are, Where are, How are we rooted in the world ? Philosophically, phenomenologically, psychologically or spiritually, it is a thorny and complex issue. We are sure these questions can be addressed by artists in novel and interesting ways. The curators do not want to particularize the theme or parse it beyond a basic statement. We believe that the less said on the topic the better. Artists can identify or define it as they see fit. The organizers ask that works or proposals relating to the theme be submitted in a CULTUREINSIDE online gallery for competition (see how to apply). The curators will review up to 8 images from artists applying to participate. Artists using any visual media )are welcome to participate. Winners of the competition will be honored and can win prizes as listed in the call description. Winning entries will be selected for physical exhibition in the gallery, other finalists' work will be selected for the online show and catalog. Additional proposal for works will also be entertained.

Contact : and ?

Presskit : Go to CONTACT on

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Hello Frank,
Yes, I`m interested to apply an participate. With my works these now are in Paris. At least closer than my country Latvia.
For communucation or repl;y please use my mail -

warmest r.

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