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What is more important? Peace and co-existence or Creativity and freedom of expression?

In this vicious intolerant atmosphere of religious fanatism,how far we need to go to protect our creativity and freedom of expression?is it more important than Peace and co-existence?

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A stitch in time, they say, prevents nine. A battle in time can prevent a world war( e.g. Hitler could have been stopped at Rhineland and consequently overthrown).

So it is important to take a stand to defend fundamental freedoms when they are under attack, as they are now. If we don't defend our principles and freedoms now we shall lose more and more of them till none are left. The talibanization of India (and the world) will be complete.

Peace under Taliban is no peace at all.
Speak out now when you can or be prepared to be silenced forever

At this point let me plug my pro-liberty blog-
Liberty News Central
feedom of expression is our fundamental rights, keep painting with wisdom
creativity and freedom of expression! otherwise there is no drama or a great plot, and a story without the drama is far too boring. co-existence is a theory that would never take place; people always find some form of degradation towards someone else. ....if not not the blacks in America, its the homosexuals worldwide. there will always be something else, which is the beauty of this insane society we live in, hence the freedom of expression becomes every individuals right!
God, you cannot separate one from the other.
Here there are two standing points which do not match, so I want to know whether I understood the question. What I believe has been asked is, WHICH OF THESE TWO DO YOU BELIEVE IS MORE NEEDED, IN YOUR PERSONAL TERMS FOR HUMANKIND?. It's a choice we've been asked to do down here. But the answers I see are the answers to a quite different question: DO YOU BELIEVE CO-EXISTENCE IS IMPOSSIBLE?
If that was the question, then my answer is: we're silently, in small groups around the world, walking towards co-existence. Co-existence involves freedom at all levels, art being the most remarkable one for me.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Friendly hugs to all,

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