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Cynthia Goranson's Blog – March 2009 Archive (6)

What a Masters of Fine Art Degree Can Teach You

Education seems to be everything in the First World today, and with good reason because it makes us all knowledgeable and better equipped to face the world of work. However, in certain industries, an education is essential to ensuring that the knowledge base that an individual has is sufficient for him or her to do a job to the best of his or her ability.

This may not be the case in some instances, but if you intend to work in a museum or in the fine art world in general then… Continue

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Information Sources When Collecting Fine Art

The information resources available to every single person in society are now far more comprehensive than they have ever been before, thus facilitating the whole host of opportunities and advantages that are available out there for this generation to capitalize on.

The standard of education is also higher than it ever was before and that can only be a good… Continue

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What Defines Fine Art?

Fine art is undoubtedly a genre and an accepted specialized area in the arts today and has been for some time. There are museums all over the world filled to the rafters with fine art, and expensive fine art at that!

But what exactly is fine art. There is an accepted definition but very few of us know it because we are so concerned with discussing fine art and… Continue

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What You Must Know About Art Galleries

If you are a fan of fine art and have a few pieces in your collection then you are probably very familiar with the world of art galleries, but if you have only just expressed an interest in art then the likelihood is that you are only just beginning to learn about them and may or may not have set foot inside one yet.

The gallery is indeed a fascinating place within the art world and if you ever pass one then it will be well worth a look. However, before going into one, you should… Continue

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Fine Art vs Grafitti - What Do You Think?

The concept of fine art is and will no doubt always be a very traditional way of thinking. There are definite elements of art that art included, such as painting and sculpting, but then there are now elements in the modern world that there is much debate over.

In fact, the debate over one particular modern art form has raged for several years now and still shows no signs of abating. Does graffiti constitute fine art or not? Traditionalists argue strongly that it is not, whereas the… Continue

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3 Tips For Protecting Your Artwork

Any lover and collector of art will do his or her utmost to protect the art collection taking pride of place in the home.

Not only is artwork a major investment these days, it is also an essential part of the fabric of any home. It is very rare that you find a home with no prints, sketches or paintings on the wall, not to mention sculptures and models adorning mantelpieces and sideboards.

For these reasons, it is vital that… Continue

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