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                         AUTOREFERAT                                                           Lublin   2001.01.18 My name is Waldemar Szysz.My friend Andrew Załecki read in an old Polish-French dict…

                         AUTOREFERAT                                                           Lublin   2001.01.18

My name is Waldemar Szysz.
My friend Andrew Załecki read in an old Polish-French dictionary, or maybe vice versa, you can translate that Szysz  the miser ... where my friend came to mind something similar? Not even a week passed and he sent me a tube of the Polish Post, which usually sends the graphics. The tube I found Pan Tadeusz ... Liquid and letter:
"Dear Waldemar!
I send little something to read for Christmas thank you for retrieval from a waiter. Decent rematch will take place at the next meeting face to face ...". gesture and noted memory forever! A good friend of the Andrew ... and keep the load, we open it together ...
I was born on 22nd 02. 1958. This date is important for me to date. I hope that GOOD
GOD is not mocked me, allowing you to be born on the day and month when you were born:
Michelangelo, Frederic Chopin.
When I think about the years of beautiful, carefree, of my youth, and finally ... I know that I always wanted to do what now, but I did not know that I will have to endure such ART that I do every day, and for which I was not prepared and for which sentenced me without my consent, in which I want to or not, I have to find and show that it can be different: no violence, rudeness, vulgarity ... of values that is the tradition, the school, with lonely thoughts where I am and where am going, finally ...
Someone once wrote: "School - the word today has no raison d'etre. The age of the Internet, fax, and God knows what, speaking about the school is probably the archaism ...". Is that true? I think someone just invented it for themselves ...
Of course, browsing the web stronty, within a short time you can visit and see the art schools programs. See works created under the guidance of their masters and themselves last. But I think that nothing can replace a live conversation, personal contacts, because it was so, and let it be! Today, the master is required to exactly what you need? Loyalty, professionalism and dedication to the cause! If so, how and by whom the case? It's not mine! I was born and I live for themselves and those for whom we create, and it is worth to them to endure the hardships of everyday life, because in this profession is so little and so many holiday weekdays.
Art can not be separated from life. It is impossible to create a next life and in spite of him. Always a result of our thoughts and experiences, even if it hurts. Even if we create is not today, but what will be after him, which is inevitable, and on what he earned as thinking beings, because as we thought it would be better and more beautiful.
I have always believed that true art is a painting ... up came a day when there was next to me MASTERS, friends and family who have always wanted good - and I was so young ... I missed for the graphics, grown up, because today graphics wants to be anything but graphics. Manages the drawing, which has always been, but she had something more, multiples of the original. Succeeds in painting longing for color, and color for graphics yet in spite of physicists is just black and white!
I will stay with her, I think forever. Giving what I have the best graphics power of faith in its magic and what is mine without a doubt, the thoughts in the paper and ink trapped.
I found myself, the meaning of art and, finally, my, true to fashion, without coercion, without the quest for the golden fleece and in harmony with each other ... I think this is enough to live, create
and withstand ...
Seeing this, everything that happens around me, I built its program on the mistakes of their Champions-bo, and they themselves say that nobody is perfect, and maybe they did not care ...?
But why I'm so and so their lack of regret me something and for something I miss ...?
Only for the ... for THEM - unless ... or rather as something that is not what he said ...! Now I know it was worth the ...!?
Over the years, worked at the university of youth among my fellow artists, the open air, symposia, and travel, I think, actually I am sure that without the people, their friends, without family and her love life does not have to make sense and the art of this - for whom, as and why?
Therefore, since 1996 all of my solo shows dedicated to people close to me, which I noted particularly the heat and so I thank them for the kindness, friendship, and that they are just.

 Waldemar Szysz

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