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I want viewer just to relax his mind and forget about all the restlessness...I want the viewer to think of the life, in most beautiful ways. Life has an unfolded just needs a vision to look at appreciate, to ponder....
Life is full of mysteries....some, you can unfold... if you are really willing to open your mind to these good thoughts. I want my paintings, to be a door to all these beautiful, but mysterious thoughts life has stored in it. I want to use cryptography, in my paintings to give hope of a beautiful tomorrow...
A hope which will take a viewer to a different level of thought process. A never before positivity hidden in the imagery I use...These paintings I draw are like can see in the day. They are like the impressions of life's beauty, They will bring you a hope, a certainty of tomorrow, a calmness, and a eternity, a timeless expression of life.
Sanjay Kulkarni.

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