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Hey , it's Rajinder aggarwal.

ArtBistro is free to join. When you sign up, you'll automatically be added as my friend on my personal profile page, so it will be easy for us to stay in touch, join here:

* Designers have found better jobs through ArtBistro.
* Artists have sold work and been selected for gallery exhibitions through ArtBistro.

As an ArtBistro member, you have access to:

* Portfolios: Load and discuss your portfolios online
* Daily News: Art and Design headlines and news
* Training: News and discussions on the latest software training and technologies
* Careers: Thousands of art and design jobs and career networking
* Community: Discuss the latest news and become part of a community of visual artists with similar interests and backgrounds
* Education: $38 million in scholarships, thousands of career-advancing programs
* Tools: Read and review the latest visual art tools
* Entertainment: Not-to-be-missed art videos and games
* Create your own private or public groups

I hope to see you around ArtBistro soon!

Rajinder aggarwal

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