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At 2:53pm on November 18, 2013, Christopher Benson said…

Hello baby
My names is Christopher Benson, I was born on 15th of April 1975, My father was originated from United State of America, and I grew up in LA. I am the only son and child of my family, i am here to find a woman in my life hope is you..? please write me mail ( i think i like you.

At 8:03pm on February 27, 2011, Ajit Vahadane said…
Dear Artists friends,
Indian artists network will hold it's 11th Indian art exhibition at National Art
gallery of Indonesia from 23rd June till 3rd July 2011.
Artists can participate in exhibition and / or just the catalog for year 2011
Please send your full resume in word file and images of your artworks
Complete details and rules and regulations can be read at NEXT EXHIBITION
section of our or you can click on

Your's Sincerely,

Ajit Vahadane
Indian artists network
At 6:18pm on February 22, 2010, Krishnan.V.R said…
Hai...I am Krishnan frm Kerala (India) I am a Mural Artist...My site is Pls visit and give ur valuble feedback....!!!!....if you are received this msg before....pls ignore...this comment
At 10:50pm on November 12, 2009, Mirta said…
At 12:39pm on July 30, 2009, KIDGALLERYONE.COM said…


We are pleased to introduce (An Online art gallery for kids of age Under 13) encourages children of age Under 13 to express themselves.
We give a platform to all the children who deserve recognition for the effort they put into producing their original artworks. This is a nurturing ground for artistic talent.
It’s an online art gallery for children to build their confidence and encourage their imaginations.
This gallery is a nurturing ground for artistic talent. And we welcome Artists to upload their artwork.
We provide a service where you keep the artwork in your possession and we will showcase your art on our website for no charge.

We market & sell original art online.

For more details kindly log on to our website.

In case of any help contact us
Mobile: +91 98112 90294

Rajiv Mehta:
Dipti Bartwal:


Best regards
(A Division of Pvt. Ltd)
At 9:55am on March 1, 2009, m.k.prasad said…
Thanx for your appreciation.I am also a Malayalee based in Kolkata.My home town is Kannur.
At 8:21pm on February 23, 2009, maria balea said…
dear, Girish.....everyone we are just students in this life, nometter what we are doing! youngest or oldest! your comment is more than pertinent one! i'll appreciate all everybody they have to say...good or less! that why we're here, isn'it?i'm happy you've guessed what's happen in my mind!
At 7:19pm on February 21, 2009, Rooh Chowdhury said…
i love the idea of questioning answers n answering questions...hehe! (provided relevant).
anyway best of luck for the much awaited DEGREE that may absolve u of any remaining GUILT ;)
At 5:03am on February 21, 2009, DANIELA said…
I am 49 and have a 28 year old son. I adore speaking to young people, all of you teach me more than I've learnt in my whole life. You're the new masters. I'm sure of that.
I'll be around, of course.
At 4:44am on February 21, 2009, DANIELA said…
see you.
At 4:34am on February 21, 2009, DANIELA said…
you couldn't have picked better words! With me please talk as you may. I am a bit schezophrenic in this matter (hopefully joking), there are two persons in me: the princess I never became, my family's dream of a boring petite bourgeoise who would be well educated, and the person who spent 9 months in the Venezuelan jungle with her 11 year old son. We had dogs at home, and a panther in the wilderness, as pets. I dont' do that any more, but those women still live inside me. So you can never pick the wrong words with me, cause I don't really know what the right ones are. To me, wrong, is anything that hurts feelings. And everybody can be intelligent enough not to hurt feelings. I used to know the feeling of guilt and shame, but I've gone over it, hard wrok though.
Love talking to you,
At 4:07am on February 21, 2009, DANIELA said…
I exaggerated, naturally. When you write, if you don't make it attractive, who'se attention can you catch? But I feel it, even though I'm a very committed person, not because I like being committed in a forceful way. Yet, I can say that most of my dreams have come true. Now, the one I've got is very big in the eyes of people. It's got to do with art, and a total change of life. But if you allow yourself to believe, the universe is the most helpful "pal" we've got.
At 3:53am on February 21, 2009, DANIELA said…
You left me speechless. I'm very interested in going on sometime with this conversation. I used to record the sea sounds, people on the streets of any city, also my own footsteps. That has a meaning, there lies something at the origins. Wow, you amazed me.
Have a great weekend,
At 3:21am on February 21, 2009, DANIELA said…
Interesting, nice meeting you, hope to exchange ideas, cause my art..well..necklaces, I'm shy about showing that here. But I'm a great admirer, and will enjoy seeing what you do. Love what you did to your avatar.
At 10:18pm on February 20, 2009, Karolin said…

and your kind wishes!
Have a splendid weekend!
At 6:58pm on February 20, 2009, Rooh Chowdhury said…
I hav a question for u...since u r an architect, do u find ppl interested in buying works of art when get their house designed by u....
though this is essentially the work of an interior designer, yet architects hav come a long way these days...hence d question :)
At 6:37pm on February 20, 2009, Ajit Vahadane said…
Dear Artists friends,
Welcome to International artists Network

Please add pictures s of your artworks(Min.3 and Max.10) on your pages along with your resume.We are going to invite large International community to see the works of all artists here. Please invite all your artists friends to be member on this website.

There are various artists groups made here.Please go to groups on top of this page and add yourself into the area that interests you. We shall be putting in great efforts in making this website
Most popular for International artists community.

Please join me on following group on this website
This is a special group for you if you are interested in International awards / scholarships / exhibitions / jobs / residency programs etc

Enjoy the website

Ajit Vahadane
International artists network

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