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9th International Syrlin Art Prize 2010

We advertise: 4 Categories with 3 Prizes each 1st 900.-- 2nd 400.-- 3rd 200.-- Euro.

For a total amount of Euro 6 000.--

1. This invitation applies internationally and world wide to all interested artists.
2. Categories:
Painting Collage Sculpture PhotoArt

3. Art works should not exceed a size of 120 x 180 cm. Sculptures shouldn`t
be higher then 180 cm and not heavier then 80 kg.
4. One art work per category is allowed. The theme is free choice. Only 2008
and 2009 art works will be accepted. Friday October 31st will be the last day
of acceptance. Art works mailed after that date will not be accepted.
5. Selections:
For the first selection (fee per category Euro 25.--) artists should mail pho-
tos of their art work minimum size 18x24 cm, as well as CDs with a short
description of their work.
6. A lot of Public presentations for the finalists:
The 5 official art advisers of Syrlin will make a first round for a final qualify-
ing of just about 48 artworks which will be published in a catalogue
and included in several exhibitions in Stuttgart.
The first and main exhibition will be in a special show in the 3rd Interna-
tional Art-Fair in Sindelfingen from the 15th till 17th of January. During this
time the international jury will decide on the final winners of this competition.
Afterwards the regular exhibition in our “Gallery in the Center” in the
Community Court of Stuttgart with a further Public Voting which will take
place at the end of January. And later in a final show (3rd exhibition) which
will take place in Stuttgart City Hall and where the prizes will be awarded to
the winners (date to decide).

The individual art works will remain property of the artist. In case of sale
a 25% of the sale price will be retained by the Syrlin-Kunstverein. Works
not for sale will not be accepted.

For the artists participating in the final selection there will be an extra
charge of Euro 95.--.



7. The Jury:
An international jury will review the art works and decide on the
Dott. Adelinda Allegretti, arthistorian, free journalist and curator
of Rome, Prof. Dr. Albrecht Leuteritz, arthistorian, free referent
for a number of art therapeutical disciplines and teacher on the
FKS Academy for Arts and Design in Stuttgart and Berislav Valusek,
arthistorian, teacher on the Academy of Arts in Rijeka and curator
of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Katedra of Grobnik.

The decision of the jury is irrevocable.

8. Delivery of the originals:
The selected artists will be notified per time on how and when to
deliver their art work. Delivery and return of the art work is at the
artist`s personal expense.

9. Terms of Payment:
All payments will be made to our bank account number (see below).
Cash payments at your own risk. We do not accept cheques.

Although the Syrlin-Kunstverein e.V. International will do whatever
possible to care for the art work it will have in charge, it will not be held
responsible for any damage or theft that may occur to it.

In case of any change of dates, the artist is not entitled to withdraw
from the competition.

Syrlin-Kunstverein e.V. International Stuttgart; Im Gehrn 34, 72657 Altenriet;
Phone +49 (0) 7127 33805; Fax +49 (0) 7127 237599
Email; Internet
Bank account: Landesbank Baden-Württemberg 2 075 143
Bank sort code: 600 501 01
IBAN DE45 6005 0101 0002 0751 43 BIC-Code SOLADEST

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how to get applcation
There is no application needed.
In order to partecipate you have to send a CD with picture in high resolution or your art work, name and addresse, measurements, technique, ad explanation of the art work itself. to

Syrlin Kunstverein e.V. international
Im Gehrn 34
72657 Altenriet

and make a deposit of Euro 25 on the bank account number
Bank account:
Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
Bank sort code: 600 501 01
Account number: 207 514 3
IBAN: DE45 6005 0101 0002 0751 43

specifying your name and Syrlin International Contest 2010

They will contact you directly after the first critic meeting.

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