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The New "Corporate Inclusive-Exclusive Set" Arts in a New Age...Setting for Emerging Art?

Where does the artist stand in the new "Corporate Exclusive-Inclusive Set?". Though it be a paradox, I am introducing further study into the emergent art of this era, as well as the arts-artists  that are (admitted- self or by  voluntary) being pushed into the background in this unusual period of Corporate (Popular) Art-Mandate.

Inclusive of discussions- Where does the artist fit in to Corporate Media and still keep the individual or personal  voice, exclusive of the committee impressed-mandate- and adjudicated forms of art.

Research in these frameworks- Arts/ Visual/ Musical-  Expressive Media--

Where does the word 'personal viewpoint' include/ exclude itself in media in Mass Culture and is the 'artist', singularly allowed 'self defined' art and exhibition of 'personal viewpoint-cultural/ or otherwise expressive' in this current mode of culture, outside- "Art Labor-Commercialist Art-

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