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Voting and winning in art contests--Should it be allowed?

There many art contests online where everyone is supposed to vote to then organiserssdeclare a winner or a winning entry.Is such democratic principle good for Art in long run?.

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is not good at all!.......democratic? no way! very often(do not say mostly all the time ), relatives an friends and friends of friends are begged for vots! everybody know this!
,,vots in ART'' is anyway a strange method to clasified something or somebody! who is enaugh qualified to do it?! .....but, this is another big story!
Democratic principles apply even in deciding the so called BEST ART at world level by those who conspire and collude to jack up somones rating and auction prices or awards.It is a hopeless method where money and influence and internet expertise can play havoc.Even at most basic competitions,politics and stupidity of judges is evedent all over the world.Nothing can be stopped but only the knowledgable,impartial and spiritual authorities who may pass some judgments but again democratic principles come into play at last level and it is a same game again but at least there is some consolation.

In the end, I think art prevails. What is heart felt lives on as a Verb and creates again and again. The human condition.

Not to worry. Just continue.

When I was young, I wanted to become an artist. I became one. Now, I am subjectively judged on weather I am "good" or  not. Good or bad has nothing to do with my goal of being an artist. Nor do I let it effect my flow. I am becoming that I am becoming. This is my destiny. The rest will take care of itself.

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