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While working in abstract,you may be more near to God because
you are not satisfied with objective reality of the world only.

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Objective reality is also a part of God,once we realise advaita in all,there would be less confusion and more clarity
In abstract painting one is free to put his/her feeling without boundation.
Thanks for quick and correct response.Surely I agree.But here the objective reality I had imagined is( too much inolvement in the same objects only or too much atachment with the conditioned vision of the surface objective reality)
U R already THERE.there is no travel anywhere.High or low.Inside or outside.Perpetual or instant.Its all same basically.IN same breathe dwaita and adwaita should also be same if you apply same logic
Not sure about that! Not because I'm working on abstract. I don't believe I'm more near to God than Da Vinci, Caravaggio, Giotto or any other artist involved with the creative process! More near to God, of course, but by the creative process itself!!!
Yes ,Alberto,We need to understand/explain our realisation through words as well.And words explain/hide much.

I may say that table comes from wood or table comes from a tree or table comes from a seed and so on...
To say that one expression of reality is "more" than another, is to have attachment and ownership which as an artist I try to avoid. I am trying to leave my ego out of it.
It is not that I am not satisfied with conventional reality, it is that when I create, I am expressing my own version or interpretation of that same reality.
What I enjoy about abstract painting is that I never quite know what the end result will be. I have an idea, and it builds itself as I work.


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