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Fellow artists,

I have been making art for 35 years. The work I am most passionate about involves assembling found objects on paper or canvas and drawing and painting over and/or around them. Many times I cut parts of old paintings, drawings or prints and give them a different life as an element in new work. I also used Photoshop for many years in my day job as a graphic designer. Just recently I have discovered the power and freedom of doing the same work digitally. I photograph passages of my work, as well as found objects (paper, metal, wood, stone) and visual elements that I see all around me, natural and man made, then bring them into Photoshop where I can paint and draw, erase, move, adjust color and value, paint with any brush I can create and draw any sort of line I can summon up.

A very inspiring and knowledgeable approach to digital art can be experienced on the blog of Scott Ligon, a teacher at the Cleveland Institute of Art. It is called "digitalartrevolution", which is also the name of a book written by Scott. 

I look forward to hearing from other artists about their experience in this new "workspace" and sharing in discussions about selling the prints that are the physical manifestation of work done in the digital realm.

I have photos of some of my art on this sight, and the rest can be seen at



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