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Dear artist friend and art gallery owners,

Your highly creative entry is invited for the selection process for 9th Indian art exhibition in Jakarta,Indonesia.

We wish to dazzle Indonesia art lovers with great art from Indian artists.
We have started accepting entries for the selection process for our 9th Indian art exhibition in Taman Ismail Marzuki,Indonesia's most famous Cultural complex in Jakarta for Art exhibitions/Dance/Theatre/Music .

For full details visit our website and see NEXT EXHIBITION section on the top of the website or go to the link

Participation in exhibition

Participation fee per artwork per artist
1) Rs.20000 for 7 days exhibition in Jakarta
2) Rs.25000 for 14 days exhibition in Jakarta

Contributions are spent on Framing in Indonesia / art gallery charges / media publicity / Inauguration party / Invitations cards / Traveling and transportation / communications /etc

Price tags carry full contact details of each artist and art buyers can directly contact artists and negotiate the prices if they wish. If paintings are sold, 100% sales amount is sent to artists without any deductions or commission to anyone including us.

Participation only in catalogues

1) Rs.7000 per full one A-4 page / one artwork / one artist per page
2) USD 200 for artists from foreign countries

Your full A-4 size page will have one of your artworks image and your full contact details. Korean art buyers contacted all our artists who participated in our Jakarta exhibition through our catalogues and bought more than 70 paintings directly from artists. Catalogues will be printed only if there are enough paid entries to cover the cost of catalogues. Korean art buyers contacted our artists after getting all contact details from our catalogues. Many art buyers from Indonesia and Singapore have contacted our artists to buy their artworks directly from them.

Selected Artists contributing and participating in the exhibition will be put into catalogues free of charge.

Catalogues is the best option for sculptors / ceramic artists / Installations artists as it is expensive to take these heavy objects abroad

Highlights of the exhibitions abroad

1)All artists complete contact details will be printed on price tags of paintings during the exhibition. We have sold more than 100 paintings so far in our exhibitions and in 2008 we sold 16 paintings and full amount has been paid to all artists. After the exhibition is over in Jakarta ,many artists have requested us to keep their paintings in Jakarta which will be sold through art dealers/art galleries/auction houses in Jakarta who take 35% commission on sales.

2) All art buyers are encouraged to directly contact you from exhibition hall itself

3)If paintings are sold,100% amount goes to respective artists without any deductions-No commission to anyone including us.

4)Full support of Indian Embassy and Indian cultural centre in Jakarta who every year arrange a grand opening ceremony and call all important VIPs and Indonesian and Indian business leaders. This year a grand dance program and a lavish dinner party was arranged for us by Indian Embassy and JNICC. We are deeply thankful to JNICC and Indian Embassy who encourage us every year.

5) Massive Publicity was in various media.

A) Our exhibition was given one full page in Monthly program bulletin by TIM and 2000 were distributed to their regular mailing list. Rest of 8000 pamphlets were distributed throughout the city from various places.
B) Newsletter of Indian cultural centre published our exhibition news in their monthly issue
C) Invitation cards were sent to all major websites and yahoo groups connected with Indonesia. Please see following websites and yahoo groups.

f) 3 more art related yahoo groups in Indonesia

These websites may have removed our exhibition from their websites but we have taken all prints of those items if anyone wants to see them.
D) Thousands of emails were sent to all art lovers , friends and cultural related personalities
E) Following newspapers gave us wide publicity-All newspaper cuttings are available
1) Jakarta post-Indonesia’s biggest no.1 English newspaper-Two days news items and 7days in WHERE TO GO IN JAKARTA section for 7 times
2) Kompas-Indonesia’s No.1 Bahasa Indonesia newspaper
3) Media Indonesia-Indonesia’s Major newspaper
4) 1/3 Page advertisement in Visual Art Magazine –Indonesia’s biggest Art magazine
5) Nine huge banners were put up at strategic locations in TIM complex so that no one who enters TIM complex miss the banners.

6) Because of our communication efforts, majority of 15 Indian artists went to Olympic art events during Olympics games in Beijing in China. Four Indonesian and one Brirish artists also got selected for Olympics because of us.Olympics Art organizing committee has thanked us for our efforts by email and had even invited us to China and sent us Visa too but I could not go because of exhibition in Jakarta

Many Indian artists have applied for Switzerland residency program and Asian paintings award by Sovereign foundation in Hongkong.Wishing our artist all the best.

7)This is a Not-for-profit activity and selling paintings is not our goal even though we try hard for it. Connecting artists with art buyers and art galleries abroad is our MAIN GOAL. Those artists who are looking for SALE ONLY need not apply for the exhibition as they may get frustrated if there is no sale.
In 2007 more than 70 paintings were bought by Korean art buyers directly from artists who participated in our Jakarta exhibition. There was no commission paid to anyone including us. All artists directly dealt with Korean art buyers themselves. Korean art buyers contacted our artists after getting all contact details from our catalogues.

8) Your contribution per painting will be Rs.20000 for 7 days exhibition and Rs.25000 for two weeks exhibition. We do Framing / Media publicity Air freight / Transportation / Invitation cards / Inauguration function and huge banners for publicity in TIM complex

9) We keep on sending information to all Indian artists in India and abroad about all new chances that our artists may apply for Competitions /awards / scholarships / residency programs in the world

10) We had successfully participated in Art Singapore in 2007 and Art expo Malaysia in 2009.Please ask us about them if you are serious about participating there.

11) I am returning from Jakarta in Feb.2009 and will return all artists paintings which were not sold during exhibition in 2008 except those artists who have not paid their contributions.

12)Certificates signed by H.E.Indian Ambassador Me.Biren Nanda and Mr.Singh , Director of Indian cultural centre in Jakarta will sent to all artists who participated in 2008

Please send your resumes in word file and images of your artworks in jpeg files to for the selection process

Full report of exhibition will be sent to all artists who apply for exhibition in 2009.Artists can see paintings and exhibition photographs on our website

Thanking you and wishing you a highly creative and peaceful new year 2009

Yours Sincerely

Ajit Vahadane

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