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As Mother Nature changes her colours and the endearing vibrancy of spring calls upon us, we know it’s time to rejoice life. With every passing wave of fresh air, we can smell a sense of renewal which touches our soul. All around us, the beautiful creations of nature are born again signalling that hope is in full bloom.... Enveloped in this mesmerising embrace of natural bliss, there’s a spring in our footsteps and our moods are upbeat. Reflecting this and many more moods on canvas is my collection ‘Moods Spring’. The different frames of mind we can be in have been portrayed through the mischievous interplay of colours and textures. Scorching oranges and flaring reds display the relentless flow of energy within us. Meditative blues and greens reveal our quieter side. The rainbow of colours makes ‘Moods Spring’ a veritable treat for the eyes, while leaving an everlasting impression on the mind

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Location: India


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