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I like the story in art. My art has images of women, symbols, and ideas that explore my psychological state through symbolic dreams. I am looking for my authentic self and wholeness. I dream a lot so my images sometimes tell a personal intuitive story.about me. I pull my images from everywhere recombining them to create a painting,sculpture or print. My images come from my Celtic ancestry, computers, magazines,personal photos,maps everywhere so I am a post-modern artist.I am often trying to paint ghost like images that symbolize the shadow side of the self or my sister's illness. I read a lot and also study art history. I love fantasy dreams and color in art.
I try to be experimental,since I believe that art is a process. I prefer to paint in a loose painterly style. When I paint I will drip paint,use dots of color,incorporate collage and found objects. I have a lot of art that I have made in the past. Artists that influence my style include Marc Chagall,Mary Frank, and aboriginal art. I explore Celtic myths and art.
I have a feminist slant and spirituality that appears in my art. I am also concerned about healing. I am an advocate for artists that try to overcome disabilities.more later

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Comment by Dr.lokesh jain on May 25, 2009 at 10:03am
u r great. i too wants to say about your art....... let me think........

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