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My artwork is a combination of inspiration and research. I started early with drawing

and basic techniques of deep pressure art printing and learned their possible

metieures. As my mental perspective changed I felt I needed to
find my own technique to express the idea more thoroughly. After the war in my
country ended I was still drawing ugly faces and impossible creatures from
visions and nightmares. I wished I could show the inside of me which was not
infected and to purify myself by creating more objective images. I left the grotesque
of social criticism and turned to the natural as the objective source of my inspiration.
I started observing nature on every possible level I could reach. This way I
discovered something very important about the nature itself and its influence
on arts: it is an interactive intelligence and somehow reflects/ answers every
kind of energy change by producing life forms. The product of nature which is still
generally not considered to be alive I find very alive, and I call it a natural artefact.

Understanding this, I had to change the perspective; I felt that the artist is no longer an author,
but co-author. I've started something on the matrix (the plate) and the matrix
responded. We played together and I have documented the way I see it. I can say
my work is art printing with light, subtle interacting with nature.

Mislav Hollós

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