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I am currently working with a group of artists to put together an event for Arts Birthday (Jan17th).

We are calling our 2 day event Holus Bolus and it is happenin in Leeds, United Kingdom..

Arts Birthday History: (Fluxus influenced)

In 1963 French artist Robert Filliou came up with the concept of ‘Art’s birthday’.

He suggested that in 1963 those 1,000,00 years ago there was no art. Filliou proposed that on the 17th January art was born. Every year on 17th January Filliou suggested we celebrate the presence of art in our lives. For year’s artist’s have celebrated Art’s birthday by throwing parties, creating performances and by taking part in various interesting activities.

There is a blog which is updated regularly on our event which you will be able to find here:

Also, I have got my own little project within Holus Bolus.

I want to start the circulation of Mail-Art alongside my collegues project.

I would like to get as many postcards from around the world as possible with a message and/or a piece of art work doodled on it for Arts Birthday.

The postcards will be exhibited through out the event. My objective is to visually show that Art is being celebrated globally not just in a studio or at a gallery.

If any artists at all are interested in helping me, email me please :)

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