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Best Vastu Experts and Vastu for Basement: All You Need To Know

Vastu Consultants

To create a happy home we must pay attention to each part of the house. When you design a Vastu compliant house for your house in a way where the Vastu guidelines have been followed religiously from the basement to the roof. Vastu Consultants says to avoid the lack of space or obstruction in our house to use as much space as possible in our home. Though according to Vastu Shastra it is not advisable to have a cellar under the house but as it is a need of the times then we can use some tips about Vastu for basement. Vastu for basement allows you to live a happy life. Since energy revolves around us every time, the basement cannot be untouched by this energy. The energy around us can be positive or negative. There is any Vastu dosh in your house, in a positive way in a negative way, while a Vastu analog home molds behaves in this energy. Any Vastu dosha disrupts the flow of energy and brings negative consequences. So by removing these Vastu doshas, ​​we can keep this energy in our positive form.


Vastu Consultants in Delhi

As a trusted Vastu Consultants in Delhi, Vastu shastra explains energy flow in an easy way. The energy we are surrounded with is known as cosmic energy. Any blockage in the flow can avoid these situations due to many life related problems in health, wealth, career, business, job, marriage, relationship etc., we must flow only in a continuous way to ensure that energy Is required. This is when we follow our favorable direction. According to Guruji, "Each person has his four favorable and four unfavorable directions based on his date of birth." This energy can be balanced with simple Vastu principles transforming three lives. These theories suggest that through 3 steps, the energy of a house can be balanced from the basement to the roof. These 3 steps are:

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Vastu Consultants in Faridabad

Connect with cosmic energy through the direction (favorable direction) Balance cosmic energy through structure (right structure) Channelize cosmic energy through the cycle (active cycle) Let's read what the common basement Vastu tips can to remove negative energy from a house while following the construction of a house:The best part is the north and east part of the house to build a basement. The north and east part should be quite open space compared to the west and south. According to Vastu Consultants in Faridabad, this living or residential purpose is therefore not intended for use for purposes other than living. According to Vastu for the basement, it should be built under a whole house, not just a part of the house.The interior of a cellar should be done according to the architectural guidelines. Basements are only good for using as an office or storage purpose.The south and west part of the basement is best for heavy furniture.



Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad

Remember that the shape of a basement should be regularly shaped like a square or rectangle. Irregular shaped basement creates issues related to finance and health in life. The water tank in the basement should be located in the northeast, northwest, east or north direction. If the water tank is placed other than these instructions, it causes health and financial problems of the owner. Always keep light objects in the northeast direction. Do not place heavy objects in this direction. With these Vastu Consultants in Ghaziabad, we can overcome the Vastu defects of basement and bring success, prosperity and happiness in life. For more effective and unique Vastu tips for basement based on your date of birth, you can consult our simple Vastu experts.

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Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon

How to choose the best color for your home. Colors, colors and shades; They occur everywhere; The whole world is filled with them. Right now the most beautiful places on the screen in front of your eyes, you are bound to find color. Do you know that color has amazing effects on emotions, mind and thought process? For example, around a depressed person with black paint and he can never overcome sadness. On the other hand, keeping the same - yes very - vibrant and vibrant colors will accelerate the depressed person's healing process and one day he may be one of the most optimistic people you have ever met in your life. Such can be - and is - the effect of colors on our lives. You should not - and should never - devalue the importance of color. This is the primary reason that Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon rules and guidelines for coloring a house.These Vastu color tips - or guidelines - will help you to choose the best color combination for your home so that you and your family are always lively, cute, healthy and happy. But first, I want you to understand that color affects what each color means in life and which field.

Vastu Consultants in Noida

Rang Vastu - Does each color symbolize Since colors are everywhere, there needs to be some meaning to them. Do I mean that each and every color should represent something and said exactly what the article is this part of the addresses. In this section, Vastu Consultants in Noida will reveal to you what each color (main color) means and what aspect of life they affect. So without any delay, we start learning what each color means and which area of ​​life it affects. Red is a bold color. It represents lust, passion, materialism, base energy, bravery, power, drama, emotions, action, passion, aggression, warmth, energy and vibrancy. Its nature is active and inspiring (due to that you can see more of red in some restaurants as it stimulates the appetite).You can use red color at places that need heat and energy.Try putting a combination of colors in red (not much) in the living room and see how vibrant that room becomes.This can be very stressful as people suffering from depression or those who are nervous should avoid red color.

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Vastu Consultants near me

The sky and the water represent this color.Blue is also a symbol of beauty, peace, contentment, feelings, inspiration, devotion, truth and kindness. It is a color that helps in healing and reduces pain. You can use blue colors in the area they are very large. Avoid using blue for small rooms. Always be sure to color the walls of your house while choosing shades lighter than blue. Vastu Consultants near me says to avoid more of the blue color in the office, shop or factory. Prevent too much blue in the house as it will lead to cough, cold and similar medical issues. Development, nature, relaxation, healing, fertility, abundance, prosperity, positive energy, rebirth, re-creation etc. are the green representational characteristics. Since this treatment represents the reason that you will pay more attention to green in hospitals.Another important quality of green is that it helps calm the temper and soothe the mood. Therefore, people or couples with temperament issues may use green more.

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