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The understanding of the dynamics and statics, like the notion of what we transpose  mind. All  we observe the frequency of 5 of our understanding of receptors from the basics of so-called rhythm. This rhythm tells us where we built the frequency of communication with its own existence within a basic matrix. The wavelength of our consciousness to which this communication takes place with the so-called real world (the default for all of us inside our 5 senses, innate) in communication with ourselves, our existence in this infinite ocean that bursting with energy, the so-called infinite wavelengths that our mind is transformed the message content, such as the color of the light beam and a myriad of other frequencies by which we interpret our own steadfastness in Polyphony so called "God's Matrix", outside the linear notion of time and space in advance whom we have learned in the experience of All, the Universe and our own more or less happy fitting into nature . Mind is the center of everything and evolved within genegiranja receptors in the environment that determines our DNA. The environment is one that defines our existence and we influence it out of curiosity and awareness in komumikaciji with Him. So a kind of frequency is our existence and the mind and communication, and not predetermined by anything outside the mind. In the conscious actions and unconscious is kapaicitet who has yet to confirm how much we determined the essence of existence just as the Universe has so little substance, and how conscious of the total compared with the subconscious. Catharsis and Ecstasy are the terms that give us satisfaction, or are afraid and they are the driving lever which path will take us sopstvana curiosity, meditative, or dynamic concept in mind. The mind is the basis of matter, energy tj.on. And all the energy and bursting like crazy, incomprehensible and categories of our existence., And it can not resist my curiosity, rhythm of life is the value for which there is no formula, no experience or outside , instinct tells us a lot of that is determined to be all at once, and it is a reproduction of all types and categories of other determinants of survival in the chaos of basics that glows like crazy, not articulated, "I said. All of wisdom is to get aware of the mind and our experience is largely unknown part of our Nature, and nothing has been determined in advance because the future does not exist as a category of the Universe,  by itself, and so no one our respects, even the existence, whether any, outside mind.? I say NO, it is all our life and everything outside of us!. Without him, nothing exists.! He is superior over the matter in my cycle, the essential point of TA-BE (Two focus, at the same time)!


So called Knowledge does not exist and it is easy to explain, as a paradox of experiences that are constantly changing and is not hereditary., Meditation Or, Which is transmitted continuously learning, as well as through experience .. because there are many actors and few real Meditative individuals or similar true believers. Life should not be playable, but I live inside your rhythm and of the environment! Not someone else's, my rhythm and frequency, Unique, Infinite Universe !.Curiosity makes the World and from several levels, and our mind . (-_-)




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