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Germination of a form within form

The objective world is full of propagating forms which are taking steps of Conception, Evolution and Termination to be re-evolved. The world of thoughts precedes the world of Forms and the Perceptions interplay between Objects and Thoughts. This makes object an embodiment of germinating thought. Contemporary art in India is also extending its limits and participating in this evolution and germination of forms and ideas. It is placing its signature in the perceptive development of 21st century.

In Indian AGAM texts Creation is often considered as play LEELA of the Supreme REALITY. The supreme CONSCIOUSNESS signified in the name OF LALITA and her Companion the great LORD SHIVA, in an infinite play, keep creating and destroying the forms in this UNIVERSE.

The GENERAL and SPECIAL form of THINGS which are constituted intelligibly in thought before descending in to bodies can also contain those particular features which in nature distinguish between types of species. God here is compared to an artisan who before carrying out a work conceives before hand in his mind, the specimen form of the work he want to accomplish. While natural structures are work of God it is God who has created Man Soul or Stones as such we can say the aspect of Devine in human form which conceives through abstraction is responsible for creative transformation which comes in The form of Art and Art objects. In contemporary Indian Art we Notice these significant Transformations which are taking Indian art to a New Perspective.
The Modern Abstract and Symbolic art in India is vibrant; it is taking its twists and turns with influx of new ideas and, skewed perceptions. Different groups of new artists joining the momentum in this stream of multiplying perceptions created by Indian painters of previous decades. The painters of Progressive art group, Raza, Suza, Hussain, the metaphysical symbolists J. Swaminathan, Ambadas Social commentators like Gulam Mohammad sheikh Gaitonde, Nalini malani, vivan sunderam and number of talented artist of west Bengal have given new meanings to forms and Abstraction.

Canvasses of purist Akhilesh sensuous works of Anil Gaikwad, chandan singh Bhatty organic forms in sculptors of Devilal patidar, Nidhi chopra
are inviting and are possessed by the feminine urge of multiplicity and diversity. Fusion ceramics amelgemating world of architecture pottery and poetry by Nirmala sharma and aura of abstract spaces created by pramod Gaikwad, accidental juxtapositions of evolving forms of Deepak sonar and several other artists who are trying their hands and creating new forms which although fall in category of Abstracts but are highly Stylized and have been inspired by Nature. The observation of nature has Never been so Intense in Indian art.
While Indian installation artists like Anish Kapoor and Subodh Gupta, and painter like Tyeb Mehta have made their presence felt internationally, by reflections of contemporary society. The artists observing the Interiors of Nature whose works are presented here are more closely trying to feel the inner dynamics associated with Nature in every iota of the Mool Prakrati as defined in Indian thought.
In the Exhibition presented we see multiple individual shapes collaborating to communicate a new language. In the images are light and shade played by chandan Bhatty creating a symphony of lines and form. The wandering forms of Anil Gaikwad searching for unknown places in the depth and on the surface of canvas, soft and flexible clay patterns of Nidhi Germinating with organic abundance trying to redefine unexplored Relations of Man and Nature. There are also work of Premod Gaikwad in which he sees an Aura of PRANA in material around him which is mystical. The Sculpture of Nirmala Sharma derive inspiration from poetry which is readable and an architectural form which is very much known but crate a mystery which still need a new meaning to be discerned by the viewer through his monologue. The forms of Deepak sonar- represent peace, and stress less. Serenity, there are Earth colours, horizon which partake in meditation with the viewer.

Nature as great teacher never strives to give any explanation of her vision. She invites us to participate in its multicolor sensuous experience. The experience which is simultaneously erotic and inherently tragic. This is the key of her propagation which is inbuilt in every Form. This key is never lost it is transmitted or transmuted but It is never transgressed it remains.

For Creative Participation in this Dynamic Process of Nature we heave to be intensely aware of each moment of life. This can be arrived at if we indulge in Floating Perceptions without any preconceived notions and melting our rigidity towards acceptance of existence as it comes. We can live the Beauty of co existence of each Form by entering this word of forms which require striping of successive layers of condensed thoughts and every vestige of inertia and falsehood of lower nature around us. In this state of intense awareness as told by a master, in Indian tradition.

Time demolishes the steps
We climb to reach the present.
There is no going back _
Only going forward is possible,
Forward and forward _
And the journey is endless!
There is no goal, no destination,
Only resting places,
Where the tents are dismantled
As soon as they are pitched.

These forms can be better enjoyed with intense observation and sensitivity towards fullness of Nature. This can be understood through
Japanese Haiku by Basho it goes like this.
Dying Cricket
How Full Of Life
His Song
The cricket in dying but still singing a song full of life. A part of us intensely alert and aware can only catch this movement of life at each step.

There is no Death these Forms are always growing, there is a Form hidden like embryo within a form. These Forms are always continuously multiplying in intimate intercourse to make every moment in life always bliss.
The truth of art is that there is no Truth. There is only the Truth within each moment. We have to be intensely aware about this truth to see ourselves a new possibility of each form, which can not be superseded.

Shailendra Tiwari

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