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Another strand of our Arts Birthday celebration is our Holus Bolus Social.

We have secured our venue. Yet again, Art will be celebrated at The Common Place in Leeds.

A venue that has already established it's art roots. The Common Place is known as 'Leeds' Autonomous, radical social centre.' Autonomous can mean Independent in mind/judgment or even self-directed. I think this is the perfect place to celebrate as it already embraces the strand of thought that runs through every genre of art.

Right now we are talking through various concepts. Do we go for a straight forward club night or do we go creative?

If we go for a straight foward club night, all the artists involved, all of the creaters and our friends will have a fantastic time but the question is, is that enough? Will simplicity be the key on our night?

Or maybe we can enhance the already oh so creative vibe and surprise our friends and participants of the event with something exciting.

Either way, the night is going to be fantastic


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