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What do we firmly believe in?

1) Living with Dignity is the only Fine Art of Life. Everything else is a commercial art for survival.

Indian artists network will never get involved in any sales and commission activity.All artworks in the exhibition will display artists email address and phone number on price tags so that any art buyer can directly contact artists.No commission will be paid to anyone and 100% amount from art buyer goes to artist.

2) If you love ART, look at body of the ART and not corners for Signature.

3) All types of creative arts are Sacred and Divine. None is superior to others.

4) Human life is far more precious that any great artwork or so called creativity,

As a policy, we at Indian artists Network believe that reckless and irresponsible expression under the guise of freedom of expression which may lead to social unrest is not creativity at all and those artists who do not believe in this thought process may not join our exhibition. Artists do not live in isolation and depend on society to survive.

Artist’s creativity is NEVER more important that social harmony and peace in society. I personally respect the contrary view but must keep aside my personal view for good. We live in conflict ridden world and not in some peaceful creative island in heaven.

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